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 cnPilot Product Line

With Cambium's 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Point, you can future proof
your indoor and outdoor deployments with compact, low profile, Multi-User MIMO (MUMIMO) beamforming, high-speed enterprise wireless access points.
cnPilot Indoor APs are perfect for schools, malls, hotels, coffee shops,
multi-dwelling units (MDUs), or any indoor environment that needs
reliable, high-performing educational or business wireless internet
with high user capacity.
Whereas 802.11ac made the network faster, 802.11ax (WIFI-6) is designed for higher channel efficiency in a dense networking environment. The key technology behind 802.11ax, multiple access OFDMA, comes from the 3GPP LTE cellular
technology and 802.16e WiMax. OFDMA, orthogonal frequency division
multiple access, is a field-proven technology to support higher density
wireless networks. 802.11ax anticipates higher density in several ways;
scheduled transmission time, dynamic frequency allocation in
2 MHz increments, spatial reuse and improved
battery management mechanisms.
ePMP Force 400 Series

ePMP Force 400 fixed wireless links deliver gigabit speed connectivity in the Sub 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum. Wireless service providers and enterprises can rapidly extend connectivity and expand capacity without the cost of licensed spectrum, expensive subscriptions or trenching fiber.

ePMP 3000

ePMP 3000 wireless broadband from Cambium Networks includes MU-MIMO technology, GPS synchronization and dynamic filtering to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.

 cnPilot Product Line

Cambium Networks cnPilot WIFI delivers high-performance Wi-Fi to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises. Give users consistent, “wired-like” performance plus superior coverage and security depending on your needs — whether from single, small office network or global, multi-site enterprise networks. Cambium management solutions offer public cloud, private cloud and on-premises options, all optimized for scalability, zero-touch provisioning and simplified operations.
Cambium’s new WIFI6 software-defined and multi-radio architecture enables organizations to improve coverage and support more concurrent users and devices than before, helping them transition to Wi-Fi 6 without the premium. In addition, the company’s cloud-based provisioning and management capabilities allow users to significantly improve performance at a lower total cost. 
Cambium Networks cnPilot Wi-Fi
Solutions overview

cnPilot enterprise and residential WiFi​ solutions and the free cnMaestro controller to rapidly provide reliable and cost effective connectivity.

Cambium Networks
Vision on 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

technology update on 802.11ax and when you should consider to deploy Wi-Fi 6


E410 - E600 Family (Indoor)
Designed to scale from small enterprises to schools, the E410 and E600 are enterprise grade 802.11ac Wave 2.  Both access points can be managed by cnMaestro cloud, on-premises cnMaestro, or as a standalone AP.

E501 AP.jpg

E500, E501S, E502S Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points (802.11ac)
cnPilot E500, E501S and E502S are medium- to highdensity outdoor Wi-Fi access points with a multifunctional design. Perfect for a variety of applications, from omni-directional coverage to long-range Wi-Fi or high-interference outdoorwhere a directional RF beam is required.


cnPilot E505, E510, E700 Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points (802.11ac Wave 2)
Ideal for outdoor communities, public Wi-Fi or enterprise Wi-Fi, these omni-directional access points are tailored to low-, medium- and high- density applications


XV2-2 WiFi6
The XV2-2 continues the enterprise network convergence with edge-intelligent AP managed by application-intelligent Cambium Networks XMS or cnMaestro management system. Choose the management system that best fits your business and use the latest technology from Cambium Networks.


XV3-8 WiFi 6
High-density architecture reduces the equipment required, the XV3-8 includes seamless and fast roaming, automatic RF optimization and interference avoidance to automatically optimize performance to specific local needs. The XV3-8 is a Software-Defined 8×8 Multi-Radio AP.

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